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Amazon Connect: Customer Support at Scale, Improved ROI & Empowered with AI


This article will help you get insights on customer support centers and have a clear idea about why a legacy contact center is not a good option to use for your organization. Further, you will get a brief on Amazon Connect and its features, followed by Pricing comparison and Customer success stories that will change your route towards AWS Connect. This 6 minutes of reading will surely be a great benefit to you and your organization.

Facts for Motivation

According to Forrester report, the customer using AWS Connect has-

  • Return on investment (ROI) of 241%
  • Subscription cost savings of 31%

Contact Center

A contact center is a commercial enterprise department inside an organization that manages client interactions with the organization concerning their troubles or any sort of assistance. Contact facilities use diverse varieties of the superior era to assist clear up client troubles quickly, track client engagements, and seize interplay and overall performance data. Contact centers are normally operated both via way of means of an inner branch or outsourced to a third-party provider.

Contact center: Amazon Connect

If an organization is still using an on-premises contact center or a legacy contact center in this new era of technology then it is very likely that they are still following the old tradition and also paying massive amounts that are not required. Let’s take an example to better understand this situation.
Suppose you are currently with a legacy contact center so here they do not incorporate integrated channels of communications. If a customer’s call desires to be transferred from one branch to another, he/she needs to repeat the complete tale and inform the whole lot throughout again. This regularly ends in excessive frustration and dropping clients in a whiff.
Now, if your CRM allows for information to be transferred from one department to another or there is a province for warm transfers, your customers won’t have to face such hardships over and again. This is achievable when you transcend from a legacy contact center to a modern approach.


In today’s time where everything comes within a single click, It is very difficult to sustain the old tradition. But it is really necessary to start evaluating your options and plan accordingly to make that shift from your legacy contact center to a rather modern and omnichannel customer experience-oriented approach. Here Amazon Connect comes into the picture with a heroic entry that is saving the organization.

Amazon connect

Amazon Connect
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Amazon Connect is a simple-to-apply omnichannel cloud contact center allowing you to seamlessly supply dynamic natural and personalized experiences that decorate your patron service. Every patron interplay you create, an amazon connect is right away available throughout voice and chat channels with no duplication of effort, saving your time.

Amazon Connect Differentiators

  • 100% Cloud-based
  • Dynamic, personal, and natural contact flows
  • Open Platform — Salesforce CTI and Kustomer CTI integration
  • AWS ecosystem which drives innovation
  • No infrastructure or telecom ownership required
  • Global / High Reliability/Redundancy platform
  • Any agent, Anywhere, Any time

 Main Features of Amazon Connect

Telephony: Amazon Connect manages a network of telephony companies from across the world, eliminating the want for you to control a couple of vendors, negotiate complicated multi-year contracts, or commit to peak call volumes.
High-quality audio: Amazon Connect makes calls over the net from a computing tool like a PC, with the use of the Amazon Connect softphone. The Amazon Connect softphone offers remarkable 16kHz audio and, is immune to packet loss to make sure a remarkable call experience.
Web and mobile chat: With Amazon Lex natively integrated within contact flows, routing, and chat, to service customers directly, requires no coding to add Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered chatbots and for the context of the conversations to be passed automatically when escalated to a human agent.
Task management: Amazon Connect Tasks makes it smooth with a purpose to prioritize, assign, and tune agent tasks to completion, including work in outside applications to make sure client troubles are quickly resolved.
Highly Scalable and Elastic: Easily scale your Amazon Connect contact center up or down, in response to business cycles, without worrying about seat licensing, minimum commitment contracts for telecom, and the other legacy contract issues.
Reliable: Amazon Connect runs at the AWS worldwide infrastructure, making the provider greater available, fault-tolerant, and scalable than could be feasible with a conventional contact center platform. It additionally brings the strength of the Amazon Web Services ecosystem.
Call recording: It additionally comes with included call recording for agent overall performance evaluation to assist monitor and enhancing client experiences.
AI Integration: Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in AWS are utilized by Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect Wisdom, a function of Amazon Connect, gives you marketers the statistics they want to lessen the time marketers spend looking for answers.
Amazon Connect Voice ID makes use of ML to offer real-time caller authentication and fraud chance detection to make voice interactions quicker and extra secure. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect allows you to higher recognize the sentiment, trends, and compliance of client conversations to your touch center. You can effortlessly construct natural language chatbot contact flows with the use of Amazon Lex.

Basic Architecture of Amazon Connect

Architecture: Amazon Connect



Amazon Connect works on a pay-as-you-go model where there is no upfront cost required, long-term commitments, or minimum monthly fees.
The pricing will be more clear with a comparison between Legacy Solution and AWS Connect

Forrester report on AWS connect
Credit: Forrester report on AWS connect

Here we see that Amazon Connect is a clear winner in pricing

Gartner Review

According to Gartner, The average rating of Amazon Connect is greater than any other omnichannel cloud contact center. It is 4.7 out of 5. You can get the full ratings and reviews here.

Gartner Review-average rating

Featured Customer of Amazon Connect

Intuit: Intuit is a main economic software program organization that develops and sells QuickBooks accounting software programs, TurboTax tax instruction software programs, and different economic carrier products. Each year, more than 16. 5 million human beings touch Intuit through phone or the internet for technical support, tax record reviews, or help to buy accounting and tax instruction software programs.

DLT Rhode Island: Previously, there has been only capability for seventy-four concurrent calls at Rhode Island. On April 19, its first complete day of operation, the machine turned into taking over 1,000 concurrent calls per minute. Amazon Connect allowed 75,000 Rhode Islanders, that’s one out of each fourteen citizens, to record persevering with claims successfully.

Morrisons: Morrisons, one of the United Kingdom’s biggest grocery chains, desired to replace its contact center. In 2019, Morrisons migrated to Amazon Connect, a cloud-primarily based totally omnichannel contact center device able to automatic interactions. In simply eight weeks, its group engineered and applied an agile, scalable answer that enabled the employer to supply a brand new consumer revel in and turn out to be operationally self-sufficient.

Customer Testimonials

AWS connect Customer Testimonials
credit: Forrester report on AWS connect


If you go with big numbers, you would realize that most of the companies are planning to move to Amazon Connect. The reason is simple, it gives you the flexibility and freedom to scale up your operations are per service demands. It will not only make your customers satisfied but also your agents will be surely happy and highly interested in the new approach. As Businessperson, we mainly require trust, saving, and security which is highly provided by Amazon Connect. Your one small step will bring a big change.

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